Fresh Face: Nygae White!


My name is Nygae White, I'm 22 years old and I'm a self taught MUA. I fell in love with makeup during my high school years and started learning how to do faces in my senior year of high school. I then started to do people's faces last year. I have been continuing my journey ever since then. I also started doing YouTube videos and it has taken me far as a makeup artist. I hope to one day be a big top makeup artist traveling all over the world and growing my brand and continue to make people feel beautiful about themselves. My favorite things about the beauty Industry are that there's always room to learn and grown as an makeup artist. My inspirations, believe it or not, come from people who I watch on YouTube like "AayliahJay", "Nikkietutorials", "AlissaAshley" and so many more. I pray that people continue to give me opportunities and continue to watch me grow as an Makeup artist and can learn from me one day.

Nygae  "
In her Valentine's Day Makeup tutorial, you can really see how her creativity and eye for color theory is applied. Rather than using a simple pink eyeshadow look with matching pink lips, she pairs a glitter accented magenta smokey eye with a flesh toned lippie to givfe drama at the eyes and succulance at the lips. 

In her Winter makeup routine, she demonstrates the importance of maintaining healthy skin while slaying during the snowy months. Her cost effective incorporation of both high end makeup products and drugstore cosmetics make it easy to follow for the average girl!


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