Fresh Faces: Lori Diamond Art, Marking The Movement For Art and Charity

You look at the image above and see a plethora of euphoric visual symbols that all connect to elude an uplifting vibe. That is not by mistake. The painting above was created by wonderous artist, Lori Diamond in pursuit of bringing hope to the universe. She wants this painting, although physically abstracted to give a clear sense of hope, faith and life to ones around the world. Her deepest philanthropic passion is to contribute to the emotional and physical wellbeing of children suffering serious illnesses. She acknowledges that art is a very powerful concept that can impact one's state of mind to a great degree. The only issue is to open the eyes of society so that they can come to recognize this as well. That is why she is marking a movement through her artistic practice to spread hope throughout the world.

There is a very succinct connection between aesthetic value, cognitive value and spiritual value. 

The asthetic value of something is determined by how visually impactful it is. How does it catch your eye? Her art work presents blatant technical skill, use of softly saturated color and great pattern execution. 

The cognitive value of something is determined by what it makes you think. Does it turn geers in your head or are you left unaffected? Clearly, the composition above makes you think of many principles that could possibly be represented by the various visual metaphors. For example, the four diamonds in teh center are circling the focal poin, that is a sun-like object with a peace symbol at its core. One could interpret that this is meant to exemplify how an inner calm or tranquility can be equated to or superior to the possession of material wealth. Also, you could interepret that this could be implying that the possession of hope, peace and serenity is the greatest treasure possible, not materials.

Lastly, the emotional value that something gives is determined by how something makes you feel. Does the object evoke heavy emotions or does it not impact you at all? With the piece above, it sooths the onlooker and puts one at ease. The entire composition does nothing but relax the individual while simultaneously empowering and comforting them. 

This is just one of Lori Diamond's many pieces that she will be debuting over time. As said before, this is the mark of a movement. So, stay tuned for updates. For more information on her and her work, please visit the links below!