Neiman Marcus CUSP Fashion Show and Panel

Hello guys!

I hope you all are doing well! Thanks again for reading ;) Today, I am sharing thanks and gratitude once again to Neiman Marcus for allowing me the honor of attending as a VIP guest to their CUSP fashion show and panel in early April. And as usual, they were quite impressive from the VIP goodie bags we recieved to the amazing outfit compositions that were strutted down the runway.

As someone who works in fashion editorial/media , I am constantly engulfed in fashion related discussion and debate. There's always the questions of "what's hot and what's not," "Trends or classics?," and "who you should be wearing this season." Those key talking points were included in the panel, however, they seemed to delve a little deeper into the relevance and authority of fashion, specifically large houses such as themselves and large designers, as well as how you can utilize fashion's power to better the community. This was very nice in my opinion because it shows a different side to fashion, especially high fashion. It wasn't the shallow nature that many stereotype.

Clearly, in the images below, the ensembles were very well put together and catching to the eye. I appreciate the variety of styles as well as the variety of models. There was a very colorful wardrobe, as well as a colorful cast. And, that exemplifies the importance of diversity in fashion. As a woman of color, it creates a sense of relateability for me to see other minorities glamorously waltzing down the runway in million dollar attire ;)

All in all, I had a phenomenal time and hope to be invited to the next event! Please check out the links and images below to show support. Thank you

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