What Is The University of Fashion?

Do you have a passion for fashion? Are you thinking of a career in the apparel industry?  Do you want to start your own fashion design business? Do you need to brush up on your existing fashion design skills? If so, then check-out the University of Fashion at www.UniversityofFashion.com.
UoF offers the first and largest library of on-demand, step-by-step, fashion design lessons in the world. UoF has hundreds of video lessons that teach all aspects of fashion design, such as draping, pattern making, sewing, fashion art, product development, fashion business, computer assisted design, knits, childrenswear and more. And importantly, all of UoF’s tutorials are taught by experienced fashion designers, never amateurs.

UoF’s founder, Francesca Sterlacci, started her fashion career by creating her own label, Francesca Sterlacci, LTD, in New York City. For the next ten years, her sportswear and leather collections graced the covers of WWD, and retailed at high-end stores ranging from Bergdorf Goodman and Saks to specialty boutiques such as Linda Dresner and Maxfield’s.

In 1990, Francesca began teaching part-time at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. In the next eleven years, she rose to become the Chair of the school’s Fashion Design Department, where she initiated a complete update of FIT’s fashion design program. During her tenure, Francesca created some of the school’s most popular certificate programs: Leather Fashion Design, Haute Couture Design and Performance Apparel. In 2004, Francesca moved to California to start the University of Fashion, write two new fashion design books and teach graduate level courses at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Inspired by the entrepreneurship surrounding her in Silicon Valley and the emerging popularity of online education, Francesca started the University of Fashion in 2008. She has since become an online fashion education revolutionary, offering the most cost-effective way to teach fashion in today’s “tell me only what I need to know and make it fast” educational environment.

The University of Fashion uses only fashion college professors, established designers and industry professional to teach its video lessons. UoF then films these qualified instructors in high definition, in a well-lit studio, as they present their knowledge and experience through easy-to-follow, step by step demonstrations. In most lessons, the instructor’s work is filmed over the instructor’s shoulder. This means that you can see what’s being demonstrated in the same way that you would see it if you were doing it yourself. One of the best things about video lessons is that students can repeatedly replay a particularly difficult-to-learn segment in a certain lesson over and over again, until they are sure they’ve truly mastered it. You simply can’t do this with the in-class demonstrations performed by live teachers in most schools. In addition, UoF provides written transcripts with each of its lessons so that students can read and study what the instructor is saying. In the unlikely event a UoF student still needs further help with a lesson, she or he can fill-in a special form provided on the UoF website and get a prompt response, often in the same day, from one of UoF’s staff designers.

The University of Fashion’s mission is to preserve the hands-on aspects of fashion design, while making fashion design education affordable for those living all around the world. But, the UoF not only helps beginner fashion students, it also helps the many thousands of students currently enrolled in fashion colleges. These students subscribe to the University of Fashion to learn faster, to learn new subjects not taught in their schools, to save on tutoring expenses and to help them remember and practice the many complex, hands-on techniques they see in their classes.

UoF offers tutorials for everyone interested in crafting a career in fashion, from budding fashion designers creating their first designs to industry professionals looking to upgrade their skills. UoF offers a comprehensive, yet convenient, set of educational tools that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for an affordable price. Everyone subscribing to the UoF library gets unlimited use of the school’s vast online, on-demand library and access to every lesson and resource available on the site. The UoF is literally “always there for you.”

At UoF, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. The University of Fashion assures that you’ll become the best designer you can possibly be!

Antonia Sardone, UoF Fashion Writer

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