Viral Internet Comedians, Cashboys613 , Share A Few Words With The Fresh Faces Project

"Our team members consists of CashboySteevy ( AKA Steevy Baby ), CashboyDydy, Big Sheng,  King H and CashboyReg ( Reggie Cash Answered these questions as the group spokesperson ). Cashboys613,  that’s our name and that’s who we are when we make these videos."
How did you get started in your craft?
Well I started my journey 6 years ago by making YouTube videos, but then me and my boy just had a different view of what we wanted in terms of careers. So for about 2 years I just focused on hosting. I knew Steevy Baby and one day he reached out to me saying that he really wanted me to join him and his cousin to make funny videos on Facebook. That’s really how Cashboys613 started we were 3 for the longest time giving our fans great comedy on a weekly basis.  In terms for Big Sheng, he has his own YouTube Channel and he was doing his own thing  and King H is the rapper of the group and we always felt like he was funny and he could contribute great ideas. We all came together from our corners and became brothers.
What are your goals for CashBoys613?
Providing number one entertainment and making people laugh is the reason why we decided we were going to make videos. Our goal is to be a household name and to hopefully be on TV one day and have our own show.
What's more important to you: profit or purpose?
Purpose is really important to us. We don’t do this for money we do this to bring comedy and satisfaction to our audience.
Describe one obstacle you overcame in your career and how it affected your life now?
The Biggest obstacle we faced was that our Facebook Fan Page was blocked and not everyone was able to watch our videos. For a span of 6 months we didn’t know if we needed to stop making videos or continue on that same fan page. Eventually we decided to follow our hearts continue making videos on our fan page and everything went back to normal.
Who are your inspirations?
Our inspirations are definitely guys like King Bach, DeStorm, TimothyDeLaGhetto and a bunch of other guys who make funny skits like we do.
Any upcoming projects we should know about?
In terms of Upcoming Projects, we are planning on releasing Cashboys and Cashgirls apparel as well. In addition, we will be throwing some events very soon.  These events will be called Cashboy Nights and we expect it to be crazy.

Closing remarks?
Us Cashboys just want to say thank The Fresh Faces Project for taking the time to interview us. We would also like to show everyone the city of Ottawa, Canada for anyone visiting.