Fresh Face Interview: Tnahpele!

Tnahpele is a Chicago freelance male vocalist and recording artist. Tnahpele can be seen mostly on the wedding and corporate event scene mostly. Tnahpele has roots in the church and in artistic poetic Chicago scene. 

Describe what you are currently working to acheive in the music industry.

Currently Tnahpele is just working on promoting his current and debut EP "Potential Beauty" Preforming several of his songs off the EP at various functions and events. I'm networking as much as possible to get the word out on the potential beauty project. 

How did you get started and what made you pursue music?

 I have my roots of singing in church and my roots of writing with poetry. I worked a lot of poetry scenes in working for After School Matters in their performance poetry program. Singing on the wedding and corporate event circuit was spun from a connection through the church. I've always wanted to do my own musical collection to be proud of. Once I made the right connection and timeframe. I decided to just do it. I initially recorded a house track "Don't Hold Back" with my producer Matt Kerr. After that track we decided to do the song "Potential Beauty" & thus the concept for an EP was born. 

If you could change something about the current music industry what would it be?

 I understand as a singer I must have some knowledge about the music industry but I don't care for it at all. Even though I'd like people to know about my music I don't have a desire to necessarily be famous. I think that the music industry can be toxic in several ways. For the music industry it really is about the money more so than the music. The ideas and concepts that I have for my music may not be "popular" but they're honest and positive. In order for me to successfully be in the music Industry I'd need to have a certain amount of "say" and "control" on how and when I do music and I know that is usually limited for artist these days. 

Who are your biggest influencers?

 My biggest Influencers as a singer would be 1.Prince, 2.Yolanda Adams, 3. Stevie Wonder, 4. Chaka Khan 5. Maxwell. I listen to these artist the most and admire them greatly. 

Any upcoming projects or things we should know about?

Tnahpele is always doing private events/shows and posts those events along with his public shows on his website. For booking or to find out where Tnahpele would be just visit the website  The next upcoming public event is a Live Benefit Concert for a Salvation Army program called Stop It. Stop It is a program that assist survivors of human trafficking. This live benefit concert will be held and sponsored by Beat Kitchen. go to for ticket details. As far as whats next for Tnahpele, Tnahpele is working on a concept for. his next project which will be a mixtape that will be coming out later in the year. This next project will have a different feel than the last but will still have that lyrical quality that his listeners enjoy. 

Final words?

Final Words. In truth I just want to do what I love and put out a quality that is unique but beautiful. At the end of the day making positive changes is the main thing that Tnahpele is about. There's beauty in the world no matter its state Tnahpele is about finding that beauty and expressing it through his personality and music.