An Inspirational Note From "Image Photography" by Laurie

"Dear Readers,

I am writing to you all to give you a little bit about me, Laurie, and why I started Image Photography . I am an art major with a knack for drawing. I have always liked doing pictures because it's like telling a story without words. I think my favorite thing about the photo industry is that there's always something new to look forward to there's always something new you can try. It lets me explore my artistic side.

My goal is to be able to travel more and worry less. I want to focus more on maternity and newborn shoots. Because I'm a mother of 4 kids and a grandmother of 2 boys, I have a deep empathy for and interest in mothers and their babies. I donate my time to those who have lost a child or mothered a premie. I shoot them free of charge. I ,myself, lost two babies to SIDS and can understand their pain.
This served as more inspiration for me shooting babies in the NICU was the fact that I lost my own children .

On the side,I do a bartending and waitressing in addition to my freelancing with visual designing and photography. While raising 3 teen daughters and one son, I started my business about 5 years ago and I never looked back! I remeber those day of trying to get good photos of my kids and the heck that i had to endure! How happy I am to look forward to many more experiences and memories doing what I love. My heart goes out to all of the mothers around the world and their families <3


Laurie "