Special Fresh Face: Nurse Meets Beauty Guru, Fatima Francesa !

Hey guys!

Today, we're gonna be interviewing this sweet and sassy nurse/beauty guru about some of her career choices ! I have been subscribed to her on YouTube for a little while now and wanted to give you guys the chance to meet her! Here she goes ;) 


My name is Fatima. I am currently a master’s degree student in a family nurse practitioner program. I am also a Youtuber and social media influencer and love filming, photography, and just having girl talk. On my spare time, I enjoy traveling and spending time with friends.

Fave thing about being an influencer? Least fave thing?
Favorite thing about being an influencer is definitely being able to connect with others and having the power to inspire people through sharing my own personal journey.
Least favorite is probably the negativity that sometimes comes with it. Haters will be haters and not everyone will support what you do! Also, not being able to fully “disconnect” sometimes since social media has become such a big part of my life now.

Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because it truly brings fulfillment. I enjoy every aspect of being a YouTuber. The filming, editing, and all of it in between. I also love being a student and advancing in my medical career off YouTube. It provides great balance for me and I believe education is very important in today’s era.

A message to my audience?
Message to the audience would be to never give up on your dreams. As cliché as it may sound! Things happen when you least expect it. Never give up on yourself and go after things that will bring fulfillment to you.

What are your upcoming/current projects that we should know about?
Upcoming projects are my fall 2017 collection for my brand, Dreams & Degrees. I am launching t-shirts, tumblers, and some other things that are in the works! Also I just received my California RN license so I am working on doing a travel assignment in L.A soon. All while continuing to be a student and get these grades! Definitely a lot of projects going on here.

Now that you are an established influencer, are you still going to pursue higher positions in the nursing field or will that just be your day job?
I am still continuing to pursue higher positions in the nursing field of course. As I mentioned, education is important to me and I will continue to work in the medical field, no matter how big I get on social media!