The Fresh Faces Project Meets Venta: People Take Selfies In Support of Venta

This article is meant to serve as a fun way for some of your favorite neighborhood people to give their thoughts on Venta and take some awesome selfies in the process! Fresh Faces are people of all backgrounds! A huge thank you goes to the participants who so generously shared their time and pics ;-) Their name is hyperlinked with their social media!

If you aren't sure who Venta is, please be sure to check out the article here explaining the basics of the company's main products, and here to see the previous collaboration between The Fresh Faces Project and Venta.

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"My favorite and the most important attribute of the Airwasher is that it improves air quality, which  is that it helps you to sleep better. Allowing the individual to get the required amount of sleep to function properly. Sleep is an important element of both physical and mental health because it affects your immune system and can have a long lasting affect on psychological thinking."


"As a woman who has worked in corporate America for several years, I can definitely appreciate that the Airwasher helps you decompress and de-stress with their aromatherapy!"


"I am an honors high school student taking four AP Courses AND freelancing as a graphic designer, do you think I have time to be worrying about wonky humidity levels? I like that Venta Airwashers keep a balanced humidity. That's really cool."

"As an avid Vegan and health enthusiast, I love Venta’s environmentally friendly approach to creating fresher, healthier and cleaner air at an affordable price! "

"The concept of a Venta Airwasher is absolute amazing, especially since it works indoors where people spend the majority of their time. It is a product that could be extremely beneficial in different communities, mainly if it's at an affordable price to those who live in areas where this product could actually be of good use."

"I have led a very active lifestyle since my toddler days and I can really appreciate a good night's rest. With a natural way to help people rest better and relax, Venta Airwashers are a good device for athletes and dancers like myself!"

"What I love about Venta is that it is a company that designs products with its customers in mind. Especially in terms of the Venta air washer, as someone with sever eczema, it prevents my skin from becoming dry, especially in the winter months."
A Little About Brizzy: Wanting to live out her dream, Bree Bennett moved to Japan. Now an expat, through her Youtube channel, she discovers Japanese fashion, culture and her own identity as a POC in a majority homogeneous society.

"I love a nice glowy complexion! I am all for Venta's approach at natural skin rejuvenation. That is one thing that will always be beneficial."

"The concept of the Venta air washer is ground breaking, it is so much more than a just another humidifier. This invention is definitely beneficial for our elderly community. Once they try this product I'm sure they would notice a difference. "

"This humidifier is 2 in 1 and purifier is to work with your heating and cooling systems to help keep the air clean. It gives off the best moisture no matter the seasons. This is the best invention to help allergies. This is the best device to help indoor air quality for your space. This Airwasher will help reduce allergies and sinuses. The Airwasher will help sleepless nights. Its good to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Once you have done so you will feel well energized. I suggest you purchase this product not only for yourself but for your family as well. "

"What can I say about the Venta Company? They’re amazing. Being someone who performs I find it important to have a product like the Venta Airwasher. From saving my voice to keeping my skin clear. Most companies don’t find the need in reaching out to everyday people for their opinions but Venta will have my support."

"Do you know my favorite thing from Venta Products? The fact that I'll feel So Rejuvenated after a peaceful , clean night of sleep." 


"I am a professional photographer who spends a lot of time in the outside environment, enjoying the fresh air. I feel that Venta Airwashers have the potential to make your indoors almost as pleasant as the outside."

"I love how Venta thinks about everybody with their product design. The Airwasher can benefit moms, kids, babies, anybody!"

" I have a huge passion for music and I deeply appreciate how beneficial these Airwashers can be for musicians. The article alone was enough to win over the entire orchestra!" Article Reference Here

"Venta is awesome! That's all I've got to say."

"As a beauty blogger, I rock with anything that benefits the skin! That's the foundation before your foundation. LOL. Venta is really on to something with the Airwasher."


"I ADORE Venta, obviously because I keep posting articles about them ;-) I'm a little bias though. So, don't take my word, take theirs. Thanks for reading!"

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