Live Out Loud Charity Ball

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Thanks again for reading. I hope you all are well :) Today, I am coming to you to share a blog post about an amazing, literally life saving event that I was allowed to cover for you guys with my mother as my guest. This cause is very near and dear to my heart and I look forward to working with this organization as long as possible. This was the Live Out Loud Charity Ball and Fashion Show. This was produced by Sherrie Gearheart the Founder of Live Out Loud Charity and the Ms. Illinois America 2018 titleholder Thank you! 

A Little Bit About The Organization: 
Sherrie Gearheart founded Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) in 2010 after losing her childhood friend to suicide. He was only nineteen years old at the time of his death. Since its inception, LOLC has educated millions of individuals globally on the signs of depression and suicide prevention. Live Out Loud Charity focuses on core character development, anti bullying, and suicide prevention. 

What we experienced at the event: 
We enjoyed a variety of designers and models, alongside performances that were very entertaining. Photos are below. But, the thing that really made this event stand out amongst the countless fashion shows I have attended is the fact that they had a lifesaving cause, suicide prevention, and they took the time to educate the audience on the subject. The main concept was the following: 

Q: Question the person to see if they are suicidal. 
P: Persuade them to choose life. 
R: Refer them to support systems

  • Wafaa Lahlah - Flew In from Paris to present her collection and support, was awarded 2017 International Designer of the Year
  • Mario & Jorge -The Millenial Collection by MJ
  • Meme Rollins- M.H.O.D.
  • Jackson Skyler – Royal Rose Fashion and Embroidary
  • Nuno Martelle -Hekature Designs and creations
  • Sharisa Freeman – Sharisa Couture Designs and Jewelry by: Danaya Designs 4U
  • Abraham Garcia – Moonlight Collection
  • Garciela Liorenta
  • Jynah James – Kiti Kouture
  • Bella Lucci -DaLab 650 E Fashion and Science
  • Natalia Marie- Prana Maker
  • Annette Evans – Shear Gold Fashions
  • Anjana Misra - Flew In from India to present her collection.
These 3 steps come from the QPR Institute's suicide prevention course which Sherrie Gearheart shared at the event along with her personal stories of what to do in a social media cry for help when you can not follow these steps.

We also got a chance to run into Fresh Faces Partner, Miss Jaine Lopez, CEO of Miss Planetary and Golden Essence Models. Love her dearly! We both had such an amazing time and I fully advocate all of my readers to PLEASE check out the organization at the links below, and enjoy the photos provided by Mr. Jim Baranski!

**Photo Cred Jim Baranski - Chicago Photography


  1. We love the cause that Live Out Loud Charities supports! Great blog and thanks for putting up all those photos! These are all great model!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your support <3 Please like and share our Facebook page


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