LA Fashion Week 2018


Thank you for reading! I need to tell you guys about the super memorable time that I had at LA Fashion Week 2018, alongside Shay James.  I have to give a huge thank you to The Society Fashion Week for allowing us to attend and enjoy! As you have seen from multiple of my other blogs attending their shows, I am always more than satisfied because they know how to entertain!

I don't think I have ever been to a fashion show where it is as inviting and all inclusive. From the fact that there are models of all colors, sizes, genders and ages to the fact that they always allow designers of all fashion genres to present! It's always a good mix! In LA this year, they had some rockin' neon streetwear that was sported by males and females, formal wear with a nightlife twist and fairytale fantasy gowns. Talk about covering all bases!

I love seeing other creatives succeed and I know that The Society has helped so many underrepresented designers , models and performers gain great exposure from the fact that they do not discriminate. In fact, the industry's typical standard of beauty is THE LEAST represented at their shows. That sense of leveling the playing field using their large platform is striking and I will always support.

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