New York Fashion Week 2018!

Hi guys!

I hope you all are doing amazing! Let's discuss my experience at New York Fashion Week for the second time with Shay James :) I was honored to attend the haute couture shows at Couture Fashion Week, as well as the contemporary shows through The Society Fashion Week! I must say that they both had some very jaw dropping pieces. I did get to meet a couple of the staff at The Walk Fashion Show , but due to some delays in their schedule I was not able to stick around for when the actual fashion presentation started. However, I saw some pictures on Instagram and saw that they did a good job! Thank you to everybody for the invitations nonetheless.

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Full of glitz and glam, I quite enjoyed this show. I feel that they had a great variety of things from evening wear to casual wear. The thing that I particularly love about them is that every year they make sure to keep their audience engaged. Between all of the sparkle from the metallic embellished apparel to the performers they include! It's all very interesting to the viewers. I believe that they do a very good job of casting models and designers to amount to an excellent show! I have to applaud them for making something so notoriously exclusive , Couture, be accessible for more than just the rich and famous.


The Society Fashion Week is almost revolutionary in my eyes. They do such an incredible job of maintaining their legacy of diversity and inclusivity while still being high profile and luxurious. I have been to several shows they have roduced and they never fall short. The thing that I love most about them is their well rounded presentations. Every single show there is menswear, kidswear and womenswear to keep it funky fresh and UN-boring! This is a show that you can bring your family to or go with your comrades for a night on the scene. Somehow, it maintains both ends of the spectrum! Looking at the photos, you can clearly see that there is something enjoyable for everyone!