Paris Fashion Week 2018


I am coming to you all with the blog post of a lifetime! I spent a week out of the country for the first time and got to experience a career changing opportunity as a fashion publicist-editor! I WAS INVITED TO ATTEND PARIS FASHION WEEK as a VIP Media Guest alongside my play sister Nikhaule Martin! While I quite enjoy attending LA Fashion Week, Chicago Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week every year, this was truly life changing and very honoring as someone who has loved fashion for over a decade. Paris Fashion Week is about as high as you can go in the fashion industry and I was blessed to be a small part. A huge thank you to all of the shows who invited us, but specifically Tiffany's Fashion Week. They accomodated us with VIP seating and complimentary beverages which were DELICIOUS to say the least.

The plane ride was super long and exhausting, especially with limited room due to us buying budget seats and having to connect. But, that's about the only complaint I have other than the lack of ffod choices dueto my pickiness LOL! Our stay at the Best Western in Paris was marvelous just as it is in the USA! Our doorman was very hospitable and kind seeing as how we were foreigners. The architecture was absolutely beautiful! And, their mall was larger than life! Bigger and better than ANY mall I've ever seen.

Now let's talk fashion! Can you say NEXT LEVEL? I think that between the audacious avant garde and the seriously chic casual wear, that had to be one of the best fashion shows I have ever had the honor of attending. And, that says a lot because I've probably attended at least 100. You can see from my photos below that there were so many looks that I fancied, I couldn't narrow them down to a small number. The fabrics, the colors, the cuts, the aesthetic execution was all just too much to handle and there was no question as to how Paris remains the World's Fashion Capital. 

Tiffany did an impeccable job of producing and directing a fashion show that will have forever changed my life. It was more than just the fact that I was impressed by the drop dead gorgeous models and the killer clothing, it was the entire ambiance of the event! Nothing fell short from the hosts to the entertainment or the selected venue. Thank you again! 

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