Living My Best Life Tour: I'm Miss World AN 2020, FFP Awards 2020 and I Launched a Communications Firm

Hey guys! 

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone is doing well. I know it's been quite a while since I've updated this blog but I've been doing a lot of work and a lot of cool things since the last time I posted. I needed to focus my time on things other than blogging for a while so that I could get things in line for my future success. 

I guess I'll go in order of how things happened. First of all, I'm Miss World America Nation 2020! Last time you heard from me, I had a regional title in a different pageant system. Now, I have a title in a new system (since December) with which I've pledged to do community service on a global scale! I've been able to do a nice amount of work so far but we'll see how things pan out at the end of my reign in March ;) 

Second, I was blessed enough to be able to successfully host the second annual Fresh Faces Project Awards in early March right before the quarantine. It was a hit! We were able to honor over 40 individuals and businesses that rightfully deserved it. I can't wait for next year!

Third, I finally started uploading my VLOG videos to my Facebook fan page! I've done a few so far covering business tips, dating, social media, hair care and more. If you're interested in seeing my content, please go ahead and check out my page here: Facebook @calynnmlawrence

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Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014
Lastly, I am beyond stoked to announce that I have officially launched the parent company to all of my businesses! Calynn Communications & Creative is a communications firm that offers a variety of marketing and creative services! We also own several online publications such as "Icons In The Now," "What's Good Weekly," "Millionaires In The Making," and brand new websites for Chicago Talent and The Fresh Faces Project!  This is more exciting than I can describe and I am so happy to say that we've been blessed enough to do this! I'm crossing my figures for a 5-figure profit in its first year!


Thank you all for your patience with me! I can't wait to give you guys a great year!