Living My Best Life Tour: Studying At Harvard, Winning Awards and Walking The Runway!


Hello all! Thank you so much for returning to my blog and reading this post. I have so much to tell you all because the last few months have been CRAZY! I'm not even sure where to start. I guess I'll begin with the awards that I have been so blessed to receive within the last two weeks. I have NEVER in my entire career of almost a decade managed to take home five awards in such a small time frame! I received two Virtual Visionary awards for Entrepreneurship & Community Service, two awards given by the Sara Williams Scholarship Fund with proceeds benefitting research at St. Jude Children's Hospital, and a Service Leadership award from the pageant system that I represent as their current Miss World, the Miss & Mrs. America Nation Organization!

It was so much fun to have the honor of strutting the runway at their Nationals Fashion Show a couple of weeks ago alongside my amazing sister queens! Prior to this, I hadn't modeled in a fashion show since I was a Fashion Intern in highschool at the downtown Chicago Nordstrom Mall. So, I got some cool nostalgia vibes! I love this pageant system and could not be happier to represent it. 

The CEO gave this statement for my blog:

"It is with great appreciation and honesty, I am very happy to continuously host the America Kids Multicultural World event and Miss America Nation Pageant. It is with hope to empower and transcend the minds of people to accept each other regardless of race, age, ethnicity, gender, or stereotypes. 

Uniting cultural and expanding visions is my goal and expectations for both organizations. 

We hope for the best in the coming season. Keep in touch with the Beauty with inspiration movement.

Respectfully submitted,

Another awesome thing that's happened this summer is my completion of TWO professional certificate programs at my DREAM University, Harvard Business School (online through edX)! I completed two programs in Entrepreneurship and Persuasive Communications with 98% and 97% overall course averages! I was even invited back for a third program in Organizational Leadership and am currently in the process of completing that. I can't even verbalize how much of a wonderful opportunity that this has been to study with the Ivy League of my dreams to further my education. I've come a long way from being that community college student who graduated with her double major Associate's degree in 2016, and even further from walking that 8th-grade stage as Valedictorian a decade ago!

I truly am so grateful for these experiences and can not even believe that I've been able to accomplish so much this year. Those of you who've followed my blog from the very beginning 9 years ago have seen me evolve and grow so much from that budding young fashion intern to a 16x award-winning entrepreneur and pageant queen. I owe so much thanks and gratitude to all of you who have supported me and for that, I truly thank you!

With love,


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